WWE’s Spring Cleaning coming up, who will be “future endeavored?”

25 Feb

A few weeks after WrestleMania 28 is over, the WWE tends to release several lesser-used Superstars and Divas as a way to refresh the rosters as well as opening up spots for up-and-coming FCW Superstars and Divas to join the main roster.

And so without further delay, here are the Superstars and Divas who I think will be calling either TNA, Ring of Honor, or Dragons Gate USA in the months to come.

Curt Hawkins: Has been relegated to NXT and Superstars while Zack Ryder is flourishing as we speak.

Evan Bourne: Bourne’s WWE career has been jeopardized due to his two suspensions and backstage heat.

JTG: Appears regularly on NXT and Superstars since Cryme Tyme disbanded back in April 2010.

Natalya: This one is a wild card, but I see Natalya quitting rather than getting released due to that embarrassing storyline. But I do see her making an impact in the TNA Knockouts division.

Michael McGillicutty: See Curt Hawkins and JTG.

Tyler Reks: Another NXT and Superstars regular. ‘Nuff said.

Heath Slater: Was used sparingly since The Corre disbanded.

Johnny Curtis: Another rarely used Superstar.

Trent Barreta: The Dudebusters shouldn’t be split up in the first place.

Layla: Like Candice Michelle and Maryse before her, was plagued by injuries.

Matt Striker: Was reduced to an interviewer role since being replaced by Booker T back in February 2011.


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