Latest on the 2012 WWE Draft

10 Apr

Expect Monday Night RAW to beef up its roster when the 2012 edition of the WWE Draft commences on RAW on Monday, April 23rd. The feeling in the WWE right now is that ratings for RAW have decreased in the last several months which was one of the reasons why RAW became a Supershow with Superstars from Friday Night SmackDown making regular appearances.

One of the rumored Superstars changing brands is Randy Orton. Ever since Edge abruptly retired due to an injury, the blue brand was in desperate need of a top babyface and Orton fit the bill, or so he thought.

But unfortunately, the Apex Predator hasn’t been able to replace the Rated-R Superstar and was one of the reasons for RAW‘s declining ratings.

Another Superstar who is rumored to be heading to the red brand is Cody Rhodes. There has been some speculation regarding Rhodes’ future on SmackDown considering that the Miz may be heading over to Friday nights in an effort to give SmackDown a top heel.


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