Is Triple H responsible for the decline of the Divas division?

5 Jul

Eve Torres, one of the few WWE divas still getting air time.

For those of you wondering why there have have fewer Divas matches on both Raw and SmackDown as of late, the reason may have been due in large part to WWE COO Triple H.

According to former WWE writer Alex Greenfield, he believes that Triple H has been large responsible for divas matches being relegated to WWE Superstars and WWE NXT.

“We were getting show opener’s and mid-point cross over segments. We were doing great in the ratings. We were drawing money throughout that program. You’d think the lesson would be — here, we can tie this in to a Triple H thing,”  he said. “You would think that the lesson would be, ‘Oh, women can draw. Let’s keep the women’s division strong. We can continue to draw.’ Or, you can take the approach of one of the things that Hunter said, which was, ‘Giving them all this time; doesn’t that take away from the men?’

In other words, Triple H is not high on the divas division and so are the WWE Universe. Anytime a divas match take place, it’s almost always either a bathroom break or a snack break. And most divas as a rule, get no reaction from the WWE Universe whatsoever.

But there are exceptions to the rule. Vickie Guerrero is one of the top heels with her “Excuse Me” catchphrase, Eve (pictured above) has recently served as John Laurinaitis’ assistant while A.J. is currently in a love triangle with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

It also doesn’t help matters that several Divas such as Maryse, Melina, Gail Kim, the Bella Twins and most recently Maxine (as well as Kelly Kelly who’s currently on hiatus), have left the company in the last year with several more expected to leave in the next several weeks with WWE’s annual housecleaning (yes, this means you, Kharma).

Will the Divas Championship be deactivated in the very near future. Only time will tell.


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